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You are NOT a filing cabinet.

Paperwork does not have to rule your life. Let Nurse Backpack’s mobile app handle your healthcare professional documentation like credentials, licenses and more.

Nurse Credential Management is now a breeze.

Leave the binders behind.

Designed to solve an industry issue – document overload, Nurse Backpack Credential Management has been built with healthcare and its unique pressures in mind.

Expand your opportunities.

With organized credentials, your staffing agency will place you quicker.

It's in the palm of your hand.

Nurses and healthcare providers have more than enough to shoulder, don't carry even more.

Bolster your brand.

Speak volumes by parsing down your candidate package or humble brag about your organization skills.

Provide feedback.

Our team takes product improvement seriously. We welcome your recommendations or ideas.


Responsive on all devices & screens

Available on desktop browsers as well as mobile app stores, Nurse Backpack medical credential management is more accessible and efficient than spreadsheets and general cloud storage.

nurse mobile app available on web browsers nurse backpack
Carry It On-The-Go

Convenient & Accessible


The Features

Easy Access

With no agency management, you can get to your profile any time, on any device.

Click To Share

Share a professional and refined resume in a moment by using your profile.

Safe & Secure

Your information is yours. No data is sent or shared without your approval.

Active Alerts

Don't miss a travel opportunity because of expiring credentials ever again.

Great for Applicants

Credential management can't be chaotic with such organized documentation.

Plus Students

Start immediately and never know the pain of hunting for your licensure in filing cabinets.

User Reviews

The Truth Is..

Easily manage your medical credentials & professional licenses

Now available on your desktop and laptop devices.

You requested and we deliver! The Nurse Backpack Medical Credential Document Management application is now a web-based resource available on all devices with internet access. Upload your documents directly from your desktop and carry it with you on your phone using secure, cloud-based technology.

nurse mobile app available on web browsers nurse backpack

Convenience On All Platforms

Google Play

Android devices have ready access on the Google Play App Store.

Apple Store

Apple devices have ready access on the Apple iOS App Store.


From Your Computer

Desktop and laptop devices have ready access on the web version.

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