The Best Shoes for Nurses Who Are on Their Feet All Day

best shoes for working nurse professional

If you’ve been in nursing for long, you’ve come home more than a few times with your feet screaming. Due to the fast-paced workload and hectic schedule (not to mention some heavy lifting in between) it’s not surprising that a nurse’s legs and feet take a beating. To help you stand up to the pressure, we put dozens of shoes through the paces to find out which ones were up to the job. The following shoes are guaranteed to keep your feet happy all day long.

It’s time.. for.. shoes.

Put your best foot forward with these shoes for the working nurse professional.

1. Skechers Sport Loving Life

With a long pedigree in making shoes for every sport and profession, it’s no surprise that Skechers should have an entry in any nurse’s favorite shoe list. The Loving Life line is no exception to their quality. Soft, memory-foam insoles will make those 12-hour shifts feel like 8s, and you’re sure to find a style you like in the wide range of options.

2. Alegria Keli Professional

When a company chooses a name that means “happiness,” their products have a lot to live up to. The Keli Professional doesn’t disappoint, and it fulfills a long tradition of comfy clogs from Alegria’s lineup. Some testers noted the sizes run small, but that problem is easily solved by ordering a size up from your normal shoes – if you do, you won’t regret this choice.

3. Dansko Professional Clogs

Dansko takes their attention to comfort, function and fashion to a new level. Despite coming in dozens of colors and patterns, this shoe isn’t solely about looks. Let’s face it, if clogs weren’t becoming trendy again why would we even mention it? Because of the comfort and function!

Features like a reinforced toe box mean your feet will have extra protection when one of your “up to chair x3 assist” patients inevitably steps on your toes, and the wide design allows your feet to maintain their natural shape when standing for hours on end. We hear they are a bit heavy, which could be a bonus if you’re skipping leg day!

4. Brooks Running and Walking Shoes

They may not have toe protection but your feet will feel like they’re strutting on clouds, even at the end of a long shift. You won’t hear the end of the positive remarks about Brooks brand shoes from runners, but also strategic walkers and professionals who work on their feet the entire day swear by Brooks brand shoes.

5. Softwalk Grey’s Anatomy Meredith

Another entry in the “go big or go home” strategy of branding, Softwalk took a company name that promises comfort, named a line of shoes after one of the most famous medical dramas in history, and somehow delivered a product that fulfills every mL of their promise. The Grey’s Anatomy line of shoes delivers all-day comfort no matter how many trips around the unit you take. Busy nurses – and any other healthcare professionals – will never regret purchasing a pair of these lightweight, slip-resistant clogs.

6. Rothy’s Loafers

Are you looking to match your scrubs with a nice pair of flats for your clinic shift? Rothy’s has a loafer that leaves your other flats looking a bit flat. Rothy’s uses recycled materials for their footwear so that when you’re saving the people of the planet, your shoes are future-minded too. However, despite beauty and practicality, these don’t pass the spill test.

7. Hoka Brand Sneakers

Though they don’t make leather slip-ons for a refined look, you’ll forget all about bad shoe days while wearing Hoka sneakers. Comfortable, practical, and bright; Hoka sneakers can match your scrubs and your speed, even in the ICU.


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Previously listed but are no longer available, below.

Sperry 7 Seas

Designed for adventurers, Sperry’s entire lineup deserves attention from nurses. Not only does this comfy sneaker have a water resistant, breathable upper, the same non-slip sole that keeps sailors from falling overboard will help you keep your feet when navigating seas of spilled water and… well, whatever else you might find on a hospital floor.

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