3 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive From the Moment the Alarm Goes Off

Nurses are obsessed with efficiency. From prioritization to rethinking our procedures, we’re constantly looking for ways to become more productive. If you’re struggling to accomplish all of your most important tasks in any given day, you’re probably wondering where the weak link is. Never fear! These three tips will help you stay productive from the moment you get out of bed.

1. Get organized the night before work

If you’re not a morning person, take advantage of the night before work to get all your ducks in a row. Lay out a fresh uniform, check your schedule and make sure you’ve got everything you need for the day ahead of you. Two minutes before you walk out the door is a bad time to realize you can’t find your work badge, keys or other important items, so line up everything you need while you’re not half asleep.

2. Fuel up

Skipping breakfast will guarantee an energy crash in the middle of your shift, so take a few minutes to chow down on some healthy foods that will give you steady energy throughout the day. If you regularly find you don’t have time for breakfast, this is another step you can start the night before. Try chopping up a bowl of fresh fruit, for example, or prepping a jar of overnight oats.

3. Take regular breaks

Many nurses struggle to wrap their heads around the idea of taking breaks. Of course, we all want to, but there’s always that big question to answer: when? If it feels like you can’t possibly have time for a break, even stepping off your unit for just five minutes will refresh your mind enough to make up for the lost time. Studies confirm that short breaks increase one’s motivation and decision-making ability, so you will get more done in the day if you take several quick breathers throughout the day.

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