The Top 4 Nursing Trends We’ll See in 2019


Nurses are used to prioritizing based on the information in front of them. Based on patient assessments, progressive diagnoses and emerging trends in labs, your entire day can be reshaped in a few minutes. But what about your career? Are you as good at predicting what’s coming next in your career as you are at managing your patients’ care? Here are a few nursing trends you should be on the watch for over the next year.

1. The nursing shortage will continue to grow

With nursing schools unable to keep up with the growing demand for RNs, there’s little guesswork involved in this one. There are fewer nurses graduating than retiring, and there is no quick solution to the issue. Though patient-to-nurse ratios may become more difficult to handle, job seekers will be in a strong position to negotiate in the meantime.

2. A BSN will become more useful

As many state boards look to increase the number of BSN prepared nurses in their ranks, nurses with higher degrees may finally start to have a more significant edge over their peers with associate degrees. Though an ADN will continue to guarantee you a job for many years to come, now might be a good time to consider the next step to a bachelor’s degree. In fact, you may even be able to get your facility to reimburse you once the program is completed.

3. The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact will reshape the job market

While the old Nurse Licensure Compact allowed nurses to use one license in multiple states (known as “compact states”) the agreement stagnated, and little growth was seen for several years. With the enhanced compact (eNLC) coming into effect this year, we’ve seen progress for the first time in years. With more member states taking part – and several more with plans to sign the compact soon – it will be easier than ever to use your home state’s nursing license to get a promising job across state lines. If the hassle of licensing has been one of the factors holding you in one place, 2019 could be the year to consider a change.

4. Bilingual nurses will rule the talent pool

As the number of languages spoken in the United States becomes more diverse, nurses will need to adapt to changing patient demographics. Though fluency can take years to attain, even a basic knowledge of foreign terms will give you a major edge over your competitors. To start, research what languages are commonly spoken by communities in the area you want to work, and get started learning as soon as possible.

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