10 Money Saving Apps for Nurses


For nurses, saving lives comes naturally. Saving money? That can be a challenge. Though many non-nurses imagine we’re practically swimming in cash, the reality is that we have to be just as cautious with their finances as anyone else. If you’re ready to make saving for the future one of your goals, these money saving apps will help you reach it.

Top Money Saving Apps

1. Qapital

Did you ever use a piggy bank to store your spare change? Qapital uses the same principle to track your electronic and credit card charges. Every time you make a purchase, the app rounds up to the nearest dollar and deposits the “spare change” in a special account. Qapital accounts even offer interest, though rates are very low – if you want to rely on interest to compound your savings, transfer your money to another savings account.

2. Acorns

If you want to squirrel away a bit extra from your spare change, Acorns will get the job done. Based on the same principle as Qapital, Acorns rounds up on your purchases but invests the funds instead of simply depositing them. You retain some control over what you are investing in, so savvy users could convert their spare change into serious coin.

3. Digit

For savings that go beyond a handful, consider Digit. Instead of dealing in spare change, Digit helps you calculate your savings potential based off your earning and spending habits, then automatically deposits the funds in an insured account. For motivated savers, Digit is the best app to put money saving first.

4. Mint

Mint is a fresh take on bill tracking. Though many people have already replaced their paper bills with e-payments, Mint consolidates your bills and makes it easier to track your expenses. It even helps you develop a budget (and stick to it!) so you never overextend yourself again.

5. Clarity Money

Have you ever signed up for a service (perhaps with a free trial) and then forgotten to cancel your account even though you never use it? Clarity Money will cancel them for you – and more! The app is designed as a transparent way to eliminate wasteful spending, and it will help you become more efficient with your spending and saving habits.

6. Groupon

Your savings won’t grow very quickly if there’s nothing left to deposit. Though Groupon won’t turn you into a savvy investor, it will help you streamline your expenses so that more cash makes it into the bank. Use it to find great deals on entertainment, food, electronics, and more.

7. Scoutmob

For a more intimate look at little-known deals in your city, Scoutmob trumps its big brother at number 6. With data on small areas, instead of just the major hubs.

8. RetailMeNot

The website that took coupon cutting into the internet age is now available as a mobile app. With easy access to coupon codes for almost every service on the web, the app could dramatically reshape your shopping expenses.

9. Todoist

If time is money, becoming more productive is one of the most important parts of saving. Todoist keeps you organized by providing a fast and foolproof platform to craft to-do lists and reminders.

10.  Stay Focused

If you get easily distracted (especially with savings-destroying shopping or productivity-wrecking web browsing) Stay Focused is the browser extension for you. You simply tell it which sites tend to suck you into a time-wasting spiral, and it limits the amount of time you can spend there – especially when you should be working. The self-control might be forced, but the results are real.

Bonus: Nurse Backpack

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t most excited about our own free app. The Nurse Backpack app revolutionizes travel nursing by providing an all-in-one solution to credential management. With its help, you’ll never lose track of a nursing credential again, and you’ll always be ready to share your info with potential employers. Find out how the Nurse Backpack app works today!

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