5 Reasons Travel Nursing Is the Right Career for You


If you’ve been in nursing for a while, you’ve probably already worked with a few travel nurses. They come, they work, and then move on to a new assignment like a flash. Have you considered making a move into travel nursing? If you’re considering a big change, here’s why traveling might be the perfect career choice for you.

Why travel nursing is right for you

1 . Flexibility

There are few careers that allow you to decide where and when to move at a moment’s notice, and travel nursing leads the pack. As a traveler, you’re free to enjoy working at exciting facilities in diverse areas. Rather than being tied to a long-term commitment, you are in charge of your career path.

2. Career growth

Traveling allows you to learn new skills and gain a broad perspective of your field. When working at a single facility for a long time, it’s easy to fall into a comfortable routine that doesn’t challenge you. In contrast, contract nursing forces you to grow and adapt in ways that make you a better nurse.

3. Professional networking

With every new contract you accept, your professional network will grow as you connect with more nurses and other professionals. Not only will these new contacts potentially open doors to opportunities in the future, they will soon become your go-to resource for guidance and advice.

4. Personal growth

Of course, travel nursing isn’t all business. The contacts you make when traveling aren’t just your colleagues, but your friends, and the meaningful relationships you form as you take contract after contract will enrich your life and help you maintain enthusiasm for your career.

5. Amazing compensation

Travel nurses may need to stay on their toes a bit more than regular staff nurses, but the compensation more than makes up for any extra effort you put into your career. Because of the desperate, nationwide nursing shortage, travel RNs command excellent compensation packages with amazing benefits, including insurance, housing, expense reimbursements and many other perks. After a single contract, you’ll wonder what took you so long to take the plunge.

Before you jump into a new career path, you need to have the right team by your side. We designed the Nurse Backpack app so you’d never be alone in your search – not for one second. The app allows you to seamlessly track and share your important nursing credentials so you’re always ready to jump on a great job offer.

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