The BEST Nursing GIFs and Memes to Send This Holiday Season

For nurses working during the holidays, a lot of the traditional expectations are put aside in favor of long shifts and heavy workloads. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some good cheer and glad tidings of our own! Send any of these awesome nursing GIFs and memes to your work friends for a guaranteed laugh.

Our favorite nursing GIFs and memes

That feeling when you find out all your besties are working your shift today…


You know the ones. You might be able to make it through anything on your own (hey, you’re a nurse!), but having your favorite team behind you can turn your whole day around.

They’ll never understand…


Remember when a three-day workweek sounded like a dream? Your non-nurse friends might understand a few things about your job, but learning just how much three 12s can take out of you is a rite of passage exclusive to our field.

Don’t say the magic word…


Professional, educated, intelligent, and… superstitious? There are plenty of nurses out there who could make a sailor blush (hospitals aren’t a place for those with dainty ears), but there’s one dreaded word that even the saltiest scrub-wearers refuse to utter (we’re honestly kind of nervous putting this picture up).

How you feel when your patient won’t stop talking about their family…


It doesn’t matter how much you love your patients. When you’ve got four other rooms you need to be in simultaneously, every little anecdote starts to feel like you’re having the entirety of War and Peace read to you (in Russian). Be careful which nurses you send this one to, as you might trigger some unpleasant flashbacks.

Still better than watching actors do CPR…

Could they really not find a nurse to do this correctly, or was there actually a nurse who set it up on purpose just to mess with film crew? We can’t decide which is funnier.

240mL po q4h and PRN…


Yeah, we think we’ll openly approve of the “nurse dose” just this one time.

Can you at least tell me why the pump is beeping?


Recent studies have shown that doctors and nurse’s aides are unable to speak to nurses who are standing and must, therefore, wait until the nurse is seated, signed in and typing before asking for help. It’s science. Trust us.

I’m a nurse, I’m not afraid of anythiAAAAAAAH!


Oh, you want me to take that room? Yeah, I just remembered that I’m related to that patient, so I can’t take care of them for, uh, legal reasons. So sorry.

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