Painless Money-Saving Tips to Boost Your Travel Nurse Budget!

Travel Nurse Budget

The life of a travel nurse can be a lot of fun! You see new places, meet new people and still get to help others as a nurse. It’s no secret a travel nurse makes a decent salary and can even sometimes receive a signing bonus. Many qualified nurses choose to take jobs in different cities for the higher income but there can also be added expenses as you travel. Here are five money- saving tips to boost your travel nurse budget:

1. Decide how you want to spend your money before you arrive.

Is this new location known for food, entertainment, and museums, or will this be an assignment where you choose to save money? Not every new assignment will have a lot to do, so deciding beforehand whether to see the sites or save money is smart. Some locations will be full of fun, new activities and you should enjoy the time away from work.

2. Minimize your daily costs.

Use your downtime to cook meals ahead of time, budget for fun and take advantage of cities with lower costs of living. Tricks like taking your meals to work, carpooling or using public transportation can really help with everyday expenses.

3. Network with local hospitals and staff to find a roommate, rideshare and even consider task sharing.

You might be able to help a fellow nurse with childcare in exchange for room and board or pet care in exchange for use of a car. Other travel nurses know how valuable networking and local connections are, so finding like-minded co-workers can be invaluable.

4. Get the most out of your housing stipend.

Consider a roommate or subletting situation. You might even compare costs for an extended-stay hotel that offers great amenities versus an apartment or long-term situation that is more binding. Try living in an area with a low cost of living that might be closer to the big city where you’re working. Many times, in a big city, a roommate can lower your living costs.

5. Work with the best agencies.

Find the agencies where they pay the most, offer the best gigs and provide insurance for their travel nurses. The agencies with a strong network of happy travel nurses will help ensure you have options when it comes to roommates, side gig options and even travel tips in a new city. A good agency is like a big family you can count on when you take a new assignment.

As a travel nurse, you have the ability to see the world while you work. Making the right connections and networking can provide you with the best assignments as well as the necessary lifelines to make the most out of each situation.

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