Spread the Love: 5 DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Your Patients


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great idea to take a couple minutes out of your busy nursing shift to celebrate with your patients. It’s never fun to be in the hospital over any holiday, and February 14 is no exception. Some patients will be missing their loves while others will just be feeling blue because they don’t have someone special. Sitting alone in a hospital room never helped anyone feel better. You can spread the love with these five DIY Valentine’s gifts for your patients:

1. Buy some Lifesaver candy bags; they are individually wrapped. You can find them in sugar-free for any of your patients that need to cut down on sugar. Staple a colorful heart or card to the candy with a witty phrase or meaningful sentiment.

2. Band-aids are a cute way to express how you feel. With quirky phrases such as: I’m stuck on you, you’re sure to make your patients smile and give them something practical. Decorate the packaging with stickers and they will be a hit.

3. If you are crafty, you could knit a heart, crochet a hat or make a storage container for their personal items. Personalize the item and your patients will feel special.

4. Heart-shaped hand warmers are wonderful for hospital patients. Day in and day out, the hospital chill can wear on a person, and having a cute and colorful hand warmer can brighten spirits. Stuffing a fabric heart with rice is an easy way to make the hand warmers and won’t cost too much if you use the fabric from an old sweatshirt.

5. Personalized mugs. You can find plain mugs at the dollar store or any discount store. Buy several, and then buy some permanent markers for ceramic surfaces. Write on each mug and fill with candy, hot cocoa or something special you know the patient likes. It’s a great way to spread cheer without spending a fortune and it can also have practical use.

You might not think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for anyone other than lovers but it is a day to show love, to everyone in your life. Your patients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the smiles and morale boost will be felt throughout your team.

Show your patients love by showing up to work!

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