Eating Healthy With a Hectic Nurse’s Schedule

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Being a nurse means we spend over 12 hours a day taking the best care of others, and that probably leads us to not taking the best care of ourselves. We lack sleep, energy, and probably are lacking a healthy diet as well. Some of us are lucky to get a lunch break on a good day, so that means eating whatever we can quickly grab that is in sight.

If you have been a nurse for more than a few days, then you know nurses know how to potluck! At my previous employer, we had potlucks once a week! And these potlucks never had healthy foods. If you are trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle, here are 4 strategies for healthier eating during your shift.

1. Be Prepared

The best thing you can do to ensure a healthy day of eating is to be prepared. Pack your meals the night before and have them ready to grab on your way out the door the next morning. Preparing ahead of time gives you control of what you will eat and sets you up for success.

2. Stay Hydrated

I know, not many places allow us to have drinks at the nurse’s station. But always make sure you have a full water bottle as close to you as you can. If you’re allowed to have your drink with you, great! If not, every mini break you have, make sure you try to drink water.

3. Don’t Leave All of Your Food For Dinner

If we have a busy day and barley have time to sit let alone eat, you’re probably going home STARVING. This just leads you probably eating more calories than your body needs because you are eating quickly. A good way to prevent this is to bring snacks you can keep in your pocket. Nuts and nutrition bars are a great thing to have on hand when you can’t quite make it to the break room!

4. Eat The Donut

It’s potluck day, and you’re telling yourself not to eat the donut in front of you. But telling yourself you can’t have it only makes you want it even more. So instead of having one you end up eating three cause, well, you had one why not eat 3! You’re healthy eating is already ruined, right? NO! Potlucks are fun, they encourage bonding, and they have tasty food. So eat one donut, enjoy it, and eat your healthy food you brought the rest of the day.

Making a few changes to how you prepare for your shifts can make all the difference in your health! Preparation is the key to success. 🙂

With work, your health and your personal life all topping your list of priorities, keeping track of your important nursing documents shouldn’t weigh on your mind. That’s why Nurse Backpack made the Nurse Backpack app; to track all your nursing credentials so you can focus on what matters most!

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