Is Your Age Holding You Back From Being a Travel Nurse? Don’t Let It!


Have you noticed lately that people are traveling? A lot? It seems the younger generations are traveling all the time for fun and for work; they’ve unlocked the ability to have jobs while traveling. Not all of them are glued to a computer or their phones all day either to do it. Some are travel nurses. These travel nurses range in age from early 20s to early 60s. It can be an exciting and interesting way to travel as well as perform in the field you love. If you’ve ever thought about it, what’s stopping you from jumping in?

What is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses should have at least 12 months of recent acute care clinical experience and want to advance their careers, salaries or lifestyles. Nurses are in high demand, and there are often seasonal shortages or critical needs in certain specialties. Hospitals hire travelers to meet those short-term demands, usually in 13-week blocks, although the assignment may be shorter or longer.

Why Travel Nursing?

You love what you do, why not love where you get to do it? At any age, you can travel, see new places and have new adventures. The great thing about traveling while working is you are earning money while enjoying life. You will also have per diem paid to you for living expenses, so a new location isn’t going to cost you money out of pocket.

Why Not Travel?

When you are in a new place, you meet new people, learn new techniques and create a wider network of colleagues and friends. As a young nurse, the travel can give you a lot of extra life experience while you have no ties keeping you in one place. As a more mature nurse, you may need to have some adventures, especially if your children are out of the house and you want to wander the world. The nursing facilities do not care about your age; in fact, many will value your experience over the younger nurses. They know your work ethic, knowledge and desire to excel will put you light years ahead of the others, even the younger nurses.

Shouldn’t there be an easier way of keeping track of your nursing credentials, especially when you’re always traveling? That’s what we thought, which is why we developed the Nurse Backpack app. The app makes it easier than ever to track and share your credentials, resume and other vital professional information wherever, whenever.

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