How Being Socially Aware Helps Your Nursing Career


Regardless of your profession, you probably have a social media profile on one of the major platforms. You read your news online, subscribe to health newsletter and stay aware of current events. Nurses who work hard to be socially aware will help further their careers, doing what they already do in their everyday life.

Here are four ways your nursing career is helped when you’re socially aware:

1. You are aware of the public concerns.

While they may or may not be valid, you know what people are saying about treatments. By taking the time to research these concerns, you’ll be a better nurse. You can help demystify the unknown, clarify the facts and even just be aware your patient may have that concern.

2. You learn about the latest healthcare innovations.

By reading about what is going on in the medical field, you might see ways to treat certain side effects, what works for a nursing team and even new advances for chronic conditions. Being ahead of the game is one way you can grow your career; you might even find new facilities that are hiring, in a field where you want to specialize, in a part of the world where you’ve always wanted to live.

3. You educate the public.

As a nurse, you are respected by your community. Whether you interact with all your neighbors on a daily basis, see the other parents at Saturday morning games or enjoy happy hours with friends on a regular basis, you have the chance to teach others about healthy practices. Things like hand washing, flu shots, breastfeeding, immunizations and more are all topics those around you will want to discuss. Rather than perpetuating the wrong info, you can tell them the medical reasoning behind treatments.

4. You teach your team.

A smart career move will have you move either laterally or vertically. A vertical move means you will be leading others. Social awareness is necessary when learning to deal with your team effectively. You will know what is socially acceptable in your position, and if you are not already practicing that behavior, you can modify accordingly. It is crucial your team is on the same page.

As a nurse, you might not think social awareness applies to you, but your career will benefit when you are aware of the happenings in the world. So, need help freeing up some time? The Nurse Backpack app is designed to be your best helper. Think of it as a mobile personal assistant, ensuring your certifications, licenses and other professional credentials are up to date and always at your fingertips.

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