Play Ball! 5 Travel Nursing Destinations With the Best Baseball Stadiums


April marks the start of baseball season around the United States. So many have grown up watching the sport, spending days the ballpark and feeling nostalgic when they smell hotdogs and popcorn. If you’re a baseball fan or just want to visit historical ballparks around the country, taking certain spring and summer assignments can be a great way to do that!

Here are the top five you should try to see:

1. Oriole Park – Baltimore.

This ballpark penned in 1992 and its sleek retro design revolutionized the way baseball stadiums were created.

2. Fenway Park – Boston

In fact, this stadium is 105 years old and still generates mass amounts of excitement. So many legends have played there, and history is still being made.

3. AT&T Park – San Francisco

This stadium has been host to plenty of recent baseball history and the park itself offers stunning views of the bay.

4. Wrigley Field – Chicago

Nearly as old as Fenway Park, Wrigley is known for its famous ivy-covered outfield walls.

5. Yankee Stadium – New York

Perhaps the most well-known franchise in all of American sports, the New York Yankees play their home games in this Bronx location.

Do you have a favorite city for watching sports?

Maybe you’ve been there for a game but would like to stay for an entire season and really immerse yourself in the sport. Consider selecting the city first, then finding a nursing assignment in that area. Not only will your traveling nurse career provide you the option of living in other areas, but also cross off items from your bucket list.

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