How to Build Healthy Relationships When Working as a Travel Nurse


When a main part of your job is travel, it can be difficult to have any kind of long-term relationships. As a nurse, your hours can be sporadic or different than others in your circle, making it even more of a struggle to have meaningful connections; add travel to that mix and strong relationships are even harder.

Just like anything in life, good things take work. Strong and healthy relationships will take some effort on your part. Here are some ways you can have those amazing relationships when working as a travel nurse.

Be present.

When you are with your friends and family don’t be on your phone, answering work emails or thinking about your next travel destination. Strive to be involved with those around you when you are with them physically, as it may not happen as often.

Be involved.

Take time to know what’s going on with your people. Make notes in your calendar/planner of important dates. When you make the effort to send personalized greetings on dates of significance for your friends, you’ll show you want to be in a relationship and have a high level of caring. Everyone wants a friend like that!

Be open.

On the road, you’ll meet new people. You may not think they could be good friends but you never know until you give them a chance. There is nothing wrong with having work friends on the road you’re able to have fun with, and then your core group back home. Stay open to the people you meet, meet for dinners, go to sporting events, try new things when you’re in a new place.

Be honest.

Make sure friends and new acquaintances know your schedule is hectic. This is especially true of any romantic relationships; let them know you are in the area for a certain period and you may have to leave when the assignment is over.

The life of a travel nurse can be exciting and full of new opportunities. Use these assignments to meet new people, make lifelong friendships and even grow your professional network.

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