How to Balance Being a Mom and a Travel Nurse

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Being a parent and working is one of the most significant struggles in life. You need to work, you want to work yet you also want to spend time with your kids and be an involved parent. As a travel nurse, creating this balance can feel overwhelming at first. With the right amount of support and resources, it can be done. You can be a great mom and a great travel nurse!


As a mom, you know even a simple trip to the park takes planning. You need to pack what your children will need as well as what they might need; you have to think ahead for issues that could come up. You will also plan the schedule and make sure they aren’t staying up too late and missing naps. Planning is still foundational in this balancing act and you’ll want to find a routine that works for everyone in the family.

Making it Home

Kids are very adaptable. They will make any house, apartment or hotel room their own, but it’s your job as their mom to help them feel like it is their home. Creating happy memories, even after a long day of work will be important to helping them adjust. Decorate the space to feel cozy and familiar; your kids will love coming home to a space they personalized. You’ll be busy but try to make friends, have dinner with your neighbors, take walks with your co-workers. You’ll benefit from the interactions and your kids will have the chance to make new friends as well.

Take Care of Yourself

When you have kids and work as a nurse, you are always caring for someone; do your best to take care of yourself too. You’ll be trying hard to make the new assignment feel like home while providing excellent care to your patients, but don’t forget to include yourself on the list of things to care for. The right balance of being a mom and a travel nurse is only possible when you are feeling whole and healthy. Take time for yourself each day, even 15 minutes to meditate, stretch, exercise, cook or enjoy a bath. Those small moments can recharge you to get back to the incredible things you do on a daily basis.

For help with this balancing act, download the Nurse Backpack app to help you stay organized while tracking all your professional credentials and personal information. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your career, give the app a try today.

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