If I Have A Family, Can I Still Be a Travel Nurse?


Choosing a career as a nurse, you know you’ll be giving up some things such as some holidays and weekends. Some nursing jobs will have you home at night, every night and every holiday. But in some cases, your nursing job might create a more sporadic schedule. In most facilities, as you gain seniority, you’ll have more control over your schedule. 

Travel Is Possible! 

You might think that a travel nurse position is out of the question if you have a family. That’s definitely not the case. Even if you have a family, you can still be a successful travel nurse.  

Ask For What You Need 

As a qualified nurse, you shouldn’t hesitate to use your education and experience to leverage a great position. A travel nurse position is possible when you plan what you need and ask your employer to accommodate your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need in a new travel nurse position.  

Here are some things to consider:  


If your children are school aged, consider how you will ensure their educational needs are met. You might want to try homeschooling, traveling only in the summers or working in a new place for at least one entire school year.  


Before you decide on a new location, make sure there are adequate childcare options. You won’t want to arrive at a new work location and the find childcare options are filled for that calendar year or they don’t offer programs for your childrens’ ages.  


While a facility in a busy city may offer more exciting opportunities for you as a nurse, it may not be the best choice for your family. You want a good fit for both. Some suburbs are easily accessible to the larger cities and offer a stable family life away from the city.  

Time off 

Will your family enjoy the nearby attractions? Will there be opportunities for them to connect with other kids, other families and be involved with a fun life?  

These are just a few things to consider when looking at a travel nurse job. It’s important to remember you are able to travel with your family and enjoy a new location. Who knows, you might fall in love with a new location and want to stay there for a couple more years. It could turn into a wonderful situation for you and your family.  

Family Time  

You might want to even consider an assignment near family. Your family and friends might be willing to help with childcare, and your children could benefit from time spent with loved ones. It can be a wonderful time of bonding and family togetherness to accept a nursing position near family and close friends.  

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