6 Ways to Make a Good Impression During Your First Nursing Job


You want to make a good impression at your first nursing job. You’ve worked hard to get this far and feel excited to finally get to work. All your training, practice and critical thinking skills are about to be put to use. More than just book knowledge, you want to prove your value at a new job. Here are six ways to do just that. 

1. Join a Professional Network 

Whether it’s an online group or one that meets at your facility monthly, take the time to be an active participant. You’ll meet others in your field, hear about new and exciting developments within the field, and show yourself to be a team player who wants to be involved.  

2. Take Classes 

Just because your formal education is over doesn’t mean you should stop learning. You don’t need to burn out on work and school, but you should be trying to better yourself professionally. Consider new certifications and trainings so you become an invaluable asset to your team. Leadership will appreciate your efforts and it can aid you with helping your fellow nurses.  

3. Develop Personally 

Nursing is more than just numbers and injections; you might want to improve personally in areas that will complement nursing. You could consider fitness classes, so you are more agile on your feet and won’t tire as easily. Another way to better yourself is through classes such as public speaking, group interactions, computer classes, and even management seminars. By developing personal skills, you are showing you are teachable and strive for more.   

4. Filter Advice 

Nurses like to talk and venting to each other is part of the job. After all, who will understand how difficult a supervisor can be except those who work alongside you. With this being the case, you should listen to the advice and opinions of other nurses with a filter. Those who don’t like their job will give you different advice than those who live and breathe for nursing. Remember, their opinions don’t have to be yours.  

5. Ask for Opportunities 

Request the overtime, extra training, and a mentor. You want to be open to whatever might come your way, and not being afraid to ask for what you want will put you in a stronger position.  

6. Show Your Skills 

You completed the education; your team knows this. What they don’t know is your experience and hands-on knowledge. Don’t be afraid to show what you know, and you can apply the knowledge to your patients. This can also help you learn more, as you might not know a particular skill and your team steps in to provide assistance. You’ll learn and adapt and be someone on the team others can rely on.  

A teachable attitude and a strong work ethic will take you far in making a good first impression. Doing your best in every situation can set you apart from other nurses in a positive way.  

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