3 Ways to Speed up Your Nursing Career Path

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If you are one of the many nurses who started off their careers as an LPN/LVN or with an associate degree in nursing, it might to time to consider boosting your career. You’ve already proven you have what it takes to become a nurse, work hard and provide quality care to patients, why not take your career to the next level?

Here are three ways to speed up your nursing career path:

1. Education

The more you know, the more useful you are to a healthcare facility. You could be the nurse that everyone goes to for help and advice. With more education and training, you can also be paid more and even request a more prestigious position. A leadership role is in the cards as you learn more and receive more certifications. Imagine overseeing other nurses, helping to run your facility and providing even better care to your patients.

2. Lateral Move

It’s not hard to get stuck in a nursing position. You like the daily routine, the team you work with, and even the salary meets your needs. While you may be comfortable with your career, if you want to make a move, it might require you to change positions. Unless you have more education, you probably won’t be promoted to a new role, but you might be able to make a lateral move to a new department. Leadership roles are also available to those with years of experience. These moves may not mean more money; they can be steppingstones on your nursing career path to a position that meets your needs and your dreams.

3. Try New Things

Your nursing career might benefit from a new specialty. You might be able to shadow a nurse on another floor or in a different specialty and learn more. There may be areas where you are lacking and just a simple mentorship program could launch you into an exciting new area of nursing. Volunteer for the extra shift, sit through the Saturday trainings, and ask to work with other team members you don’t know, with the intention of learning more.

Your nursing career is as good as you make it. Take advantage of the opportunities within your facility, your network, and even your community. You never know when that extra training and experience will be the deciding factor for you being placed in a new and better position.

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