8 Technologies to Make All Aspects of Your Nursing Lifestyle Better


Technology is part of your everyday nursing life. From the software you use to care for patients to the record tracking used to make paperwork easier, you’re constantly learning how to use new things. Did you know there are at least 8 technologies to make all aspects of your nursing life better? These are items that can boost your personal productivity and efficiency. They range in prices and are available to buy online.

1. Ampule Opener/Cracker

This handy tool will help with opening ampules and will be a time saver. It has a disposable plastic fracture and safety collar that will help you break open pre-scored glass ampules with no hassle.

2. Mini Voice Recorder with USB

With all the things you have to remember, this particular gadget can help you immensely. Record the important stuff to transcribe later.

3. Wearable Notepad

This device is like a mini whiteboard on your wrist (like it’s a cool watch). Designed for easy note taking in busy work environments such as hospitals, this writing gadget is very lightweight and a perfect gift for every nurse you know.

4. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

When you need a way to quickly destress, sometimes reading a book is a great option. You can get lost in the book or even learn, with a non-fiction option. It has a lot of storage which is good for holding comics, magazines, and audiobooks. This model has a battery that can last for weeks.

5. Mug Warmer

Tired of cold coffee? This convenient gadget will keep your coffee warm for hours, in any kind of cup. It can work with stainless steel cups, mugs, and glass cups. It has a waterproof design, so you won’t have to worry about it damaging it in case you accidentally spilled water on it.

6. Posture Sensor

On a busy day, nurses can sometimes forget about good posture and as a result, they may deal with lower back pain after work. This product vibrates whenever you slouch so you’d have no choice but to work on your posture throughout your shift. It has a magnetic clip design which makes it easy to wear on your scrubs.

7. Vein Finder

Available only in the US, this transilluminator vein finder is designed to help nurses find veins both in adults and children. This super useful tool can also help to close veins and stretch the skin for easier access without the use of a tourniquet.

8. Tablet pen

As a nurse, you probably use a table to keep notes and track patient records. Find a tablet pen with lasting power and one that is a suitable size for your hand size.

Technology can make your life much easier as a nurse. Not only will you be more productive, you can work more efficiently.

Get the help and support from other nurses, download the Nurse Backpack app that helps you stay organized while tracking all your professional credentials and personal information. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your career, give the app a try today.

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