A Nursing Job Offered Me Per Diem Pay… What’s That?


As a nurse, you will probably come across some great opportunities. One favorite among nurses of all experience levels is the per diem situation. It provides a lot of freedom for nurses as well as a very good pay rate. Before you say no to a per diem job, take the time to learn about it. Here are some facts about a per diem nursing job:

·       Higher hourly pay

·       Flexible schedules

·       Travel friendly

·       Work extra hours when you can

At your regular nursing job, your schedule is probably pretty set. In fact, you probably have a good idea of your life for the next month or so. Why not use some of that downtime to pick up higher paying hourly jobs? Or, if you prefer to have a more flexible schedule, you can let a hospital know you are available for these per diem shifts. They will call as necessary but you won’t be tied down to a set schedule.

Working Per Diem

Nurses can benefit from higher hourly pay as these jobs can supplement their current ones as well as provide them with a larger professional network. You’ll find that as you gain experience as a nurse, you’ll be able to land more per diem jobs. Healthcare facilities want to hire experienced nurses for these shifts so they are not providing on the job training for a temporary team member.

Consider working through a staffing agency to find consistent per diem jobs. An agency will have a relationship with other facilities who need nurses on a daily basis but probably not a consistent basis. These facilities will call the staffing agency, you will already be vetted and found to be a good fit and you’ll have work that week or even that very day. An agency will ensure you are treated well and paid according to the contracts. Think of them as a talent broker, finding you the best gigs for your expertise.

Getting Paid More

As a per diem nurse, you have the ability to travel to a new city, new hospital and sometimes even a new state. These types of positions open up all kinds of opportunities and can help your career even if you only work a per diem situation for a year or two.

To find an agency, support and advice from other nurses, download the Nurse Backpack app that helps you stay organized while tracking all your professional credentials and personal information. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your career, give the app a try today.


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