4 Reasons Why Travel Nursing Has Increased in Popularity


A nursing career is not usually associated with travel adventures. This type of career is usually synonymous with long hours in a building, in the same location day after day. The steadiness of a nursing career and the ability to create a long-term schedule is part of the appeal of a nursing career for many. There are other options out there. It might be time to explore what else you can do as a nurse.

If you’ve been paying attention over the years, travel nursing has become more popular. It’s a truly unique career choice. You can perform the work you enjoy with all the benefits of being able to travel. You might travel to an entirely new city, state or even country. This might sound great or it might sound overwhelming to you. Here are 4 reasons why travel nursing has increased in popularity.

1. Higher pay.

You could be paid more as a travel nurse even without completing more training, certifications, time on the job, etc. The hourly pay increases for many travel nursing jobs so it could feel like a pay raise with just a simple location change.

2. Live an adventure.

Not only will you get a paycheck, you can live an adventure. Travel to an exciting location or one that you’ve always wanted to visit. High demand locations might have a waiting list but are well-worth the wait.

3. Avoid boredom.

Hospitals and facilities will have meetings and personnel training. When you’re a travel nurse, chances are you’ll be able to avoid those types of mandatory meetings. The opportunity to not feel “stuck” at your job will also help you not feel the burnout that many healthcare professionals after years of working in the same facility.

4. Flexible schedule.

On a travel assignment, you can choose to work as much or as little as you’d like. You set your hours according to the needs of the contract and you’ll be set to enjoy a new place.

As the younger generations have realized the many benefits of travel, they are choosing careers with more travel opportunities. Many are not putting down roots in any area for years and being able to travel is a part of their nursing job they value greatly. Travel nursing offers a chance to experience diverse healthcare environments, network with other nurses and make new friends.

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