Best YouTube Channels for Everything Nursing Related


You might not immediately think of YouTube when you think of healthcare information but now’s a great time to explore the options a video provides. Nursing channels on YouTube offer actionable advice and career tips to help you learn more about your job. You can connect with someone who gets the frustrations of your work or get some real-life advice from those in your field.

Also check credentials and know whether they are a professional giving advice or simply a knowledgeable party offering career advice. You’ll find advice on interviewing, travel nursing and how to deal with other healthcare professionals.

Here are the top 10 YouTube Channels for everything nursing related:

  1. The Nurse Nook

  2. Nurse Nacole

  3. Mercy Gono BSN, RN

  4. Miki Rai

  5. Madi’s Nursing Journeey

  6. Sweet Yella TV

  7. Ashley Admins, RN

  8. Kaitepie RN

  9. Bianca

  10. The Nomad Nurse

When you have the time, check out each channel and see which one will benefit you the most. Once you subscribe, you’ll be notified of new videos when they are uploaded. Video can bring life to dry nursing topics. YouTube is a great, free format for nurses and nursing students to learn about topics such as nursing basics, skills and self-care. A video allows you to learn at your own pace and in a mobile-friendly format.

YouTube nurse videos are a great way to find out more about nursing in general or to connect with people who know things like what skills might be valuable in a department. They can offer practical advice such as how you can approach the end of a long shift without giving in to exhaustion. Finding your nursing tribe online is a great way to stay supported through your journey.

For more support and advice from other nurses on how to advance your career, download the Nurse Backpack app. It will help you stay organized while tracking all your professional credentials and personal information. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your career, give the app a try today.

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