The 5 Nursing-Related Songs You Should Add to Your Playlist

Some days will be rougher than others. It never hurts to have some music to use to boost your spirits. Music can be a great source of motivation, comfort and even stress relief and having some “go-to” songs to get you through a shift can make a big difference. If you’re someone that enjoys more upbeat tunes, consider adding some to your playlist when you’re driving to work. Maybe you’ll find that calming music is better for your drive in. Whatever you decide, have it downloaded and ready to be played. Sometimes knowing that you have the stress relief available can calm your nerves.

Here are some song suggestions that might help you get through a shift:

1. Stayin’ Alive- by The Bee Gees

This upbeat song might be just the pep you need to start your shift. A classic song like this one can put you in a good mood for much of the day.

2. So Fresh, So Clean – by OutKast

Why not scrub and disinfect to a song that is about being clean and fresh? It makes sense, right? Humor never hurts while you’re doing a dirty job.

3. Help! – by The Beatles

An upbeat song literally asking for help might be just what you need to ask for help from your coworkers in a fun way. Just watch, you’ll all start humming it and the stress will fade and some smiles might even start to emerge.

4. I Will Survive – by Gloria Gaynor

You’ll feel empowered and on top-of-the-world with this one. An anthem-like song, it’s one that you can sing your head to get through a difficult shift. After all, if Gloria Gaynor can survive a breakup, you can probably survive your shift.

5. Survivor – by Destiny’s Child

Hit a wall during your shift? Give this song a listen and see if you start feeling better. That rush of girl power might be just what the doctor ordered on that double shift.

Regardless if you choose to listen to music, a podcast or just prefer silence, having something to occupy your mind and give you motivation can be just the thing you need to get through a nursing shift. Use music to boost your spirits naturally and be sure to share your tunes with your coworkers when they are having a bad shift. You can help to foster a sense of teamwork and fun with one simple song.

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