3 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in Nursing School

Once you’ve narrowed down your nursing school options, here are three questions to ask before signing that final paperwork:

1. How many students, upon program completion, pass the NCLEX (National Council Exam Licensure Examination)?

This is a crucial question. After all the classes, exams and late nights, your end goal will be to pass the NCLEX. If students are unable to pass the exam, it might not be in the right school for you. Find out this information if you will be taking the NCLEX at the end of your schooling.

2. How much will this nursing program cost?

There are so many different schools and programs available for nursing. The initial price isn’t always an accurate representation of the total program cost. You’ll need to factor in the duration, books, room and board and the overall costs to live in that area. If you’re moving to a big city or a new state for nursing school, there will be associated costs that you’ll need to consider before making the final decision.

3. Is the nursing school accredited?

You might assume that all schools in existence have all the necessary qualifications but depending on your goals, you’ll want to choose the appropriate school. An accredited school will give you the opportunity to earn further education. An accreditation means it adheres to professional and legal standards; it will also teach and prepare you for the work of a nurse. ACEN accredits all types of nursing programs from diploma to master’s degrees while CCNE only accredits bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Just because a nursing school has been around for a while doesn’t necessarily mean it has maintained its accreditation or that it is the best option. This part of your research will prove important to your future goals.

These are just three questions you should ask but they certainly don’t cover everything. You should weigh your options carefully and make sure you ask the important questions. They might not be the same as others, but they are important to you. From the location to the cost, class size and program offerings, you can make your nursing school education exactly what you need and want it to be.

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