5 Characteristics That a Travel Nurse Should Have


A travel nurse is a unique type of nurse.

This nurse can travel, adapt, provide stellar care and forge relationships with new team members at any given facility. Not only are they excellent healthcare providers, but they are also able to jump in wherever and whenever duty calls.

If you need to a travel nurse or want to become a travel nurse, here are the top 5 characteristics that you should have:

1. Teamwork

As you make your way from facility to facility, you’ll work with new colleagues. You’ll want to develop the skills to bond with your team wherever you end up. With this skill, you’ll be able to collaborate with other staff members and demonstrate your dedication to providing excellent care.

2. Critical Thinking Skills

One of the most important skills for any traveling nurse job is critical thinking. You’ll need to analyze situations, solve problems, and make decisions quickly throughout every shift. Since you are a travel nurse, you might be staffed at a facility that is understaffed, where you might need to think outside the box to provide top care.

3. Flexibility

When you work as a traveling nurse, you won’t be in one place for long. The majority of travel nurses spend an average of three months at a health care facility before moving on to their next assignment. There are times when you may not be able to anticipate your next assignment far in advance; you’ll need to be flexible.

4. Language Skills

A lot of travel nurses will accept assignments that take them to parts of the country with serious health provider shortages. In many cases, you might treat patients whose first language isn’t English. Being multilingual or having good language skills will help you communicate and build relationships with your patients. This skill can also put you in high demand for travel nursing jobs.

5. Quick learner

It’s important to know the basics of software yet being able to figure things out on the fly is a great skill to have as a travel nurse. You might not encounter a lot of new software or systems when you travel, but each facility will work differently. Keep an open mind, ask questions and don’t be a know-it-all in your new facility and you’ll have greater success.

There are so many benefits of travel nursing, but it can feel very different than a regular nursing job. Try it for a couple of weeks before committing to it full-time. You might find that it is the best job in the world for you, or it might be a fun way to travel and earn money once or twice a year for you.

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