Is Joining a Nursing Organization a Good Career Choice?

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If you’re like most people, the thought of joining one more organization or having more obligations during your month can be overwhelming. You don’t need more meetings, more mixers or more work-related events to attend. At first, when you’re presented with the idea of joining a nursing organization, you might want to decline but it might be a good career choice and here is why.

A Nurse Organization presents you with job opportunities.

Like any business, a healthcare facility can go through changes; changes in management, best practice, treatment plans and even multiple staffing changes. You might love your job now but that can change and having a network of other nurses who know you and will vouch for you at their workplace can be invaluable.

Educational opportunities go hand in hand with the above as well.

You must take continuing education classes, but do you know the best ones? Maybe they are in another town and the instructor is highly sought after. You can get the inside scoop on these classes from others in your field.

Finding like-minded friends as an adult is already difficult, a nursing org makes it easier.

Who else understands your daily struggles better than your fellow nurses? When you have a bad day, your family of non-nurses won’t know why you’re so upset but your nursing friends will. Even if you don’t attend meetings regularly, you can make friends through social channels and events.

Sometimes you want to have an expert, or be one. Mentoring steps in.

Have you ever wanted to ask a seasoned nurse some questions, without jeopardizing your current job? Sure, you can ask your coworkers some of the tough questions, but you might feel vulnerable than at your job or feel judged when you go into work. By having a mentor, outside of your workplace, you’re able to be more open, which is the gateway to learning more.

Jobs are one thing, but what about committing to a career?

This is more than just a job opportunity or a network meeting. As new fields of medicine open and fields expand, you can be on the cutting edge. You’ll know about ways to make a lateral move to a new department, a new field of nursing or even a new facility that has something new that you’ve wanted to be a part of.

It can be smart to join one or two local groups but remember you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. By sticking with the local chapter of state or nationwide group, you can have the ability to network even if you change cities.

Get the help and support from other nurses, download the Nurse Backpack app that helps you stay organized while tracking all your professional credentials and personal information. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your career, give the app a try today.

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