#nurselife: Registered nurse salary for all 50 states

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The average salary for registered nurses across the country is $77,460, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data collected in May 2019.

Registered nurses have the highest annual salary in California, where RNs on average make $113,240; South Dakota has the lowest earning RNs at around $59,540 per year on average.

Here is the average annual salary for RNs by state, ranked from highest to lowest.

California: $113,240
Hawaii: $104,060
Massachusetts: $93,160
Oregon: $92,960
Alaska: $90,500
Nevada: $88,380
New York: $87,840
Washington: $86,170
New Jersey: $84,280
Connecticut: $83,440
Rhode Island: $82,310
Minnesota: $80,130
Arizona: $78,330
Maryland: $77,910
Colorado: $76,230
Texas: $74,540
Delaware: $74,100
New Hampshire: $73,880
Illinois: $73,510
New Mexico: $73,300
Wisconsin: $72,610
Michigan: $73,200
Virginia: $71,870
Pennsylvania: $71,410
Vermont: $70,240
Maine: $69,760
Georgia: $69,590
Idaho: $69,480
Montana: $69,340
Wyoming: $68,690
Ohio: $68,220
Utah: $67,970
Florida: $67,610
Indiana: $66,560
Nebraska: $66,640
North Carolina: $66,440
North Dakota: $66,290
Louisiana: $65,850
Oklahoma: $64,800
South Carolina: $64,840
Missouri: $64,160
Kansas: $63,750
Kentucky: $63,750
West Virginia: $63,220
Tennessee: $62,570
Arkansas: $61,330
Iowa: $60,590
Alabama: $60,230
Mississippi: $59,750
South Dakota: $59,540


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