Gifts to Give Nurses to Show Appreciation

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It’s all over the internet: the worst gifts given to nurses during Nurse Appreciation week / month / day (you should be appreciated on the daily if you ask us). Instead of jokingly posting all the terrible gifts we have seen over the last few months, below you’re going to find a long list of gift ideas for that special nurse in your life. Employers, take note!

And just a massive PSA to health care administrators, clinic employers, and other supervisors of nurses… Give individual gifts. Don’t be the type of people to leave a cake (or other edible treats) out mid-pandemic and assume the night shift will get any of it, or want to even touch it once they see they’ve been “appreciated.”

Accessorize, because nurses can look great and be pragmatic.

  1. Silicone rings
  2. Reusable note-keeping bracelets
  3. Nurse backpacks
  4. Tumblers, thermos, ramblers, and other beverage containers (opt for the spill-proof lids)
  5. Coffee mugs, because they aren’t spill proof and deserve their own list item
  6. Badge clips
  7. Lapel pins
  8. Stethoscope IDs
  9. Stethoscope traveling case
  10. Cell phone sanitizer
  11. Smart watches
  12. Blue light blocking spectacles
  13. Pocket sized instrument organizers

More personal protective equipment (PPE) seems like a novel idea, if you want to carry it in your new bag.

  1. Medical grade, protective goggles
  2. Protect your lunch with this transplant cooler

This consolidated segment really only contained a bunch of face masks and respirators, which should be provided by the facility or clinic, so it was limited to voluntary PPE ideas. Ask ahead before gifting the nurse in your life something they already have at work.

The gift of clothing is garnering appreciation by nurses out there.

  1. Scrubs shop gift cards (please don’t pick specific scrubs for the nurse in your life)
  2. Compression socks, these can be fun
  3. High quality, non-slip, spill-proof shoes (or gift cards to shoe outlets)
  4. Hilarious or rude t-shirts
  5. Scrubs and sport jackets (water resistant is recommended)

Mental health and self care knick-knacks are always a good idea.

  1. Deep kneading foot massager
  2. Deep tissue massager
  3. Back and neck massager
  4. Hilarious back scratchers
  5. Organic, vegan, cruelty free lotions
  6. Self care card deck, for the times someone can’t think of how to relax
  7. A really nice shaver kit, even lady nurses will find value in an electric shaver

The more eclectic the gift, the longer the story can be retold. Classical gifts work too.

  1. Milestones awards, like this wine set
  2. Hickory Farms gift sets
  3. Williams Sonoma candy apples (or gift cards)
  4. Nursing clipboard
  5. Coloring books (for adults)
  6. Nursing student graduation prints (take it to your favorite pharmacy or mail center to print and frame before giving to the nurse in your life)
  7. Patient Quotes Journal, so they can remember the punchline perfectly and deliver it later over cocktails

That was a lot! If we should add more to this list for future nurse gift giving, leave ideas in the comments below.

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