Our Team Is Your Industry Advocate

You are NOT a filing cabinet. You deserve better than how the industry treats you.


Nurse Backpack has been built with healthcare and its unique pressures in mind.


Our team is aware of the US healthcare market and shares knowledge with our audience.


We are privately owned, with no shareholders to hijack the drive, our team cares about YOUR input.

Mobile Driven

We know that your mobile phone has the easiest way to manage your day.


We have fun doing what we do.

Our team loves what we do. Our mission is clear. Support you, the healthcare provider, in an industry looking to make a profit off your skills at any expense.

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We listen so we can build user driven features.

Your ideas and feedback are taken seriously. We care because this is more than just a work management app. This is more than just paperwork overload. This is healthcare and the healthcare industry, being driven by you, the provider.


If you have feedback or product improvement ideas, let us know!

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