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Nurse Backpack is a credentialing tool for Nurses to manage their medical careers. Build your profile, generate a resume, apply for open positions and do it all from the palm of your hand. Medical Credential Management is now a breeze.

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Tips and Tools for the Travel and Temporary Nurse

You, the healthcare provider, have more responsibilities than a normal employee. We know that, the industry knows that, your facility or staffing agency knows that. So where’s the help, the empowerment, the tips or tricks or tools? Our team spent years in the industry and have seen way too many buzzfeed-esque blog posts repeating the same bad advice.

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Industry Insights

Peer Review Study: Are Male Nurses Emotionally Intelligent?

Why do we commonly believe that male nurses are less emotionally intelligent than their female counterparts Although it’s well documented that men have been in the nursing profession for centuries, the contributions of men in the profession have been historically minimized.

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Nurse Backpack is a free mobile application that enables professional credential management for end-users themselves. Alerts, reminders, resume package building and sending is possible for free from the mobile app. Built for nurses originally, school nurses, nursing students, lifeguards and many other professionals also use the app for their license and credential management.