Open Positions for Nursing Professionals

Career Pilot Program Opt-In

Nurse Backpack is offering a new career pilot program to help you cut out the middle-man in contract work. Right now, we have openings in California and Texas. Opt-in below to receive mobile communications about opportunities.

Working With Nurse Backpack
We cut out the middle-mediation to get you the best pay rate possible.

You stay empowered with a feature-rich mobile app, flexible scheduling and availability accommodations, professional and prompt communication with your liaison, and with a backing of experience from healthcare staffing industry experts.

We match and exceed insurance and stipend benefits, without risking your tax status to an audit.

Do you even know how your pay rate is calculated by staffing agencies? We do. We don’t like it. So instead, we cut out the biggest cost-sink (the agency) to get you the employment experience you deserve as a healthcare professional.

No more runaround! You are a human being putting yourself at risk on a daily basis to provide health care to patients. We support your efforts and will advocate for you at every turn.

Use our existing relationships as providers to healthcare facilities to your career’s advantage. Have you always wanted to work at that beautiful location in Oregon or California? Let us know and we’ll work with our hospital clients to get you there.

Don't you deserve a better employer?

For decades, we have seen the temporary nurse staffing industry separate the working individual from the healthcare facility to the detriment of both. We have reached a milestone in our company product growth that has empowered nurses and working healthcare professionals to take back control of their careers. No longer do you have to be a resource to middle-men.