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Nurturing your career is easy to forget when you’re nurturing your patients. Don’t leave your goals on the back burner. Our team is actively compiling resources and tools for nurses that will help reduce paperwork, reduce redundancy, and optimize your credentialing compliance efforts. Don’t worry, you own everything you do and all of the items you place in your Nurse Backpack Mobile App profile are under your direct control. 

Your work efforts and your documentation are not going to be held hostage by past employers or staffing agencies anymore.

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Lippincott Procedures Manual 
(We are hoping to build a partnership with this vendor and offer it to Nurse Backpack Mobile App users.)

Here are some helpful advice articles for your nursing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing professionals have so much to navigate. Our team has compiled a list of questions and answers to help new and tenured clinicians!

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General Nursing FAQ

Nurse Educators have a responsibility to their students and the healthcare community. We pooled a few resources and ideas for Nurse Educators here!

Get shoes that fit you and don’t slip! We all love those easy slip-ons, aptly named since you slip on everything you stand on. 

Here are some safe and comfortable shoes for nurses on their feet all day.

YES. Yes a million times, yes! We have seen NSO be recommended widely. It’s incredibly important to protect yourself, professional liability and malpractice insurance is a must-have.

Travel Nurse FAQ

Travel nurses, contingent workers, temporary clinicians, these are interchangeable terms for your status as a contractor at a facility, but you’re working under an agency.

Your employer is the agency that you are working with to get you placed at these facility locations. 

This entity is commonly referred to as an Employer of Record (EOR). Your EOR provides your W-2 and many other necessities for annual tax filing.

This is a big question due to the crisis rates fluctuating around COVID19 pandemic care. 

Honestly, yes, it’s common. It’s a result of the inner workings of facility to agency negotiations. If you were placed out-of-state as a travel nurse, you will want to check into expense reimbursement for that travel if the agency determines there is no other need to place you near that location.

One peer mentioned on our favorite subreddit r/TravelNursing that they request any termination clause to be removed, and in lieu of that clause there is a two week notice required instead. “Facility has that option to cancel contract with two weeks notice to the contingent worker.”

As of 2021, par for the course is roughly $1,800 / week.

Long answer, you will benefit from learning more about the pay package formula that agencies use to determine your hourly, stipend, and other pieces of the package. 

You work for the agency. The agency works for the facility. The facility is the source of all good things in the situation. Bear that in mind when considering pay differences between agencies.

Our team encourages you to learn more about the agency / managed services provider (MSP) / healthcare staffing dynamic and found this article a helpful source of those details.

We’ve collected a few items that can be in a grab bag for each job you’re working! Check it out here.

Travel and temporary clinicians are typically negotiating a pay package before signing a contract to work a job with an agency or health system. We explain pay packages in depth here.

YES. Yes a million times, yes! We have seen NSO be recommended widely. It’s incredibly important to protect yourself, professional liability and malpractice insurance is a must-have.

Insurance that covers you in all 50 states would check the box here, but often this can be difficult to come by. Check with your current bank and insurance providers, your family’s and others to see if there is a solution close at hand and vetted. 

When it comes to choosing which direction to go for travel nurse health insurance, travel nurses have a few options:

  1. Agency-provided health insurance
  2. ACA compliant individual or family health insurance
  3. Short-term health insurance

The government healthcare website has resources just for travel nursing professionals as well.

Don’t forget about vision and dental insurance. You can supplement your agency-provided insurance or hold a policy on its own.

We’ve also found nurses praising this video explanation!

Much like traveling for other reasons, bringing your pet along for your travel nurse contract is rewarding and challenging! Check out our blog post on this topic here.

Sometimes it can feel like you are expected to know mostly everything! However, you are more expected to be flexible. For this and many other concerns about experience with specifics, honesty is the best policy.

Reddit u/GUIACpositive had a great response! “Oh that’s a unique (procedure, pathology, etc.) I’ve never seen it before! What do I need to know?”

Be positive when it comes to learning and play to your capacity to retain knowledge. You’re in medicine for a reason!

We hope you have what you need to succeed.

You made it this far. We believe in you more than any mobile app team ever has. If you are looking for the Help and Support page for the Nurse Backpack Mobile App, click the button over here.